Brankica ZILOVIC

born in 1974

serbe and french nationality

lives in Paris


mail: brankica74@yahoo.fr


2002 / Graduated from the National Superior School of Fine Arts (ENSBA) Paris

1998 / Graduated from the National Superior School of Fine Arts, Belgrade



2018     Paysages croisées, Abbaye Saint Florent de Vieil

2017     Materials recollection, curator Jelena Krivokapic, Beograd Gallery, Belgrade

2016    Textiles incarnations, Artéfact Space Project, Paris

2011     Random, unexpected and other hazards, Contemporary Art Center Max                   Juclier, Villeneuve la Garenne.

2009    Filanature, Contemporary Art Center, Grand Quevilly.

           Wonderland with Ariane, Chaos Gallery, Belgrade.

           Landscapes, 2.13 PM Gallery, St Cloud.

2006    Sewing in Progres, 2.13 PM Gallery, St Cloud.

2004    Fashion is everybody's obsession, Art Centre, Créteil.




2018     Cartography or the world to decipher, curated by Bruno Dubreuil, Immix                  Gallery

           Hi Novembar, Galerie Vitrine-65, Paris

           Pavillon de l'Exil 04, curated by Marie Deparis and Studio Mounir Fatmi,                  Saint Louis, Sénégal

           Color Lucida, curated by Alexandra Lazar, Cultural Centre of Serbia, Paris

           Wormhole, curated by Clément Thibault and Matthieu Weller, Laure                        Roynette Gallery, Paris

           Borderline, Arte&Arte, Miniartextil, Montrouge

2017      Voyage: A Journey through Contemporary Serbian Art, curator Maja Kolaric,              China Art Museum, Shanghai, China

            Hit Parade 2017, MAUTO National Car Museum, Torino

            Beyond the Map, Paratissima, curator Soriana Stagnita,Torino,Italy

            Borderline Miniartextile, Como, Italy

            Variations of Worlds, curator Marina Pirot, Cite Sait Sauveur, Rocheservière

2016     Stories in Stitching, Laure Roynette Gallery, Paris

            Material Culture, curator Rachel Schmid, William Rolland Gallery, Thousand              Oaks, CA, USA

            Science-Fiction, Chapelle Saint Sauveur, Issy-les-Moulineaux

           Rituals and Spells, French Museumof playing card, curator Julien                             Verhaeghe, Issy-les- Moulineaux , Paris

           Erotic drawings Fair, SALO IV, curator Laurent Quehen, Paris

           Arsenic and the lovely lace, curator Sandrine Ayrole, Goussainville

2015      Methamorpphose is, Baleine Space, Pantin – Paris

            Rite of Passage, Plateforme, Paris

            DDESEIN, Cabinet de Dessin Contemporain, curator Marie Deparis-Yafil,                   Paris

2013     Beyond the Dreams, Royal Monastery of Brou, curator Marie Deparis-Yafil

           Bourg-en -Bresse

           Arsenic and the lovely lace, Pierfitte sur Seine

           To our fathers, Gallery 2.13, Paris                                                                         Around drawing, Gallery 2.13, Paris

2012     Opening, Gallery 2.13, Paris

2011      Stitches, Gallery Charlotte Norberg, curator Marie Deparis-Yafil,Paris

            Drawing Now, Gallery Charlotte Norberg, Paris

            AIR, Art Center Creteil -Paris

2010     Precious Land, Cultural Centre, Gentilly

           Chic Art Fair, Gallery 2.13, Paris

           Landscape2 Paris, Croix-Baragnon, Toulouse

           Crossing , Castle of Saint-Ouen

2010     What I brought them together, then ..., Gallery Charlotte Norberg, Paris

            Young Artists, Contemporary Art Center Eugène Beaudouin, Paris

2009     Crossroads, Gallery Serbian Cultural Center, Paris

           Between us ... Gallery-Miss China Beauty Room, Paris

2008     50X50 Gallery, 2.13 pm, St Cloud

           Appearances are deceptive, The Salting, Romainville

2007     A3 - art, Fair Saint-Germain, Place St-Sulpice, Paris

           Wire life, Green festival of contemporary art, Maettle, Stossvihr

2006     Main works, Saint-Ouen

           Small Formats, 2.13 PM Gallery, St Cloud

           A3 - art, FairSaint-Germain, Place St-Sulpice, Paris                                

           Make you imagine, Le Coq Sportif, organized by NosVos, Tokyo

2005     Price paint the town Vitry-sur-Seine

           Eclat Castle Baulieu, Riorges Art

           Space Assurance Saint-Honore Avenue Matignon, Paris

           IntraMuros, International Contemporary Art Association organized by                      Jacques Aldebert

2004     Young French artists, Eiswürfel Gallery, Kolonie Wedding, Berlin

           Khaki, Gallery Miss China Beauty Room, Paris

           Young Creation, Grand Halle Villette, Paris

           Biennale of young creation, Yvelines

           Painting Award Antoine Marin Municipal Gallery Julio Gonzalez, Arcueil 

           International Meeting of Contemporary Art, Chizé (Deux Sèvres)

           Unexpected, Art Space Charenton, Paris

           The stranger in the city, week of foreign cultures, Gallery SCG, Paris

2003     Painting award, Vitry-sur-Seine

           Contacts, Open Air Museum-Old Village residence Sirogojno, Serbia

           Enviedart.com Gallery, Paris

2002     Between art and fashion, Gallery ENSBA, Paris

           Conversation with seven, SCG Cultural Centre Gallery, Paris

           Pont des Arts, SKC Gallery, Belgrade